The relationship between ESG practices and the creation of market value


The structuring of an environmental, social and governance (ESG) proposal that is adequate and consistent with reality is directly linked to the creation of market value. If, before, the individual performance of organizations was enough to foster their growth, today, continuous profitability comes from isolated strategies and the concern with the global context becomes fundamental. […]

Changing the way of leading with the IoB, the Internet of Behaviors


We have been in the Information Age for decades and more than ever technology, through the interaction of digital data, is shaping human behavior and helping companies to improve their operational efficiency. And this has a high value: gaining a competitive advantage over your competitors.

How is 5G transforming leadership?


The true 5G breakthrough is already driving changes in companies. The fifth generation of wireless technology has already reached 1.2 billion global connections so far and, as a result, is transforming the world as we know it: there is a new architecture of connectivity advancing, transforming industries and improving everyday experiences.

Counselor’s role in family businesses

The experience lived as an Advisor to family businesses brings interesting lessons, as there are unique characteristics in this type of organization. This article proposes to share part of these learnings.

M&A Operation – Part II: Valuation

Continuing the reflection on M&A (access part I here), in this new article we will cover the Valuation process, the most used techniques and the difference between company…

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