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5 most wanted Executive Positions on the last trimester


2020 was a challenging year and this implied representative movements in executive positions. The policies of social isolation, the worsening of the pandemic and now the economic recovery motivated unique changes within the corporate environment.

Based on our latest projects conducted and disclosed, we have compiled the 5 most demanded executive positions by companies in the last quarter of 2020. Follow:

CFO – Chief Financial Officer

cfo-chief financial officer

The financial area, as well as the HR area, were vital for companies to go through the turbulence of 2020. Due to the great changes in the behavior of society, most of the positions of this executive power position started to occur at the end of the year, when we started to have a slightly more stable period.

The biggest demand in the projects was not debt renegotiation or an increase in duration. What our clients demanded most were CFO’s with a vision of digital business. For those who had cash or had an operation that was not negatively affected, the year 2020 was a year of many opportunities, and possibly the year 2021 will also be.

What it does: It is responsible for the company’s economic and financial performance. It is the professional who directs and measures investments, develops hedge policies, leads the budget management process and, eventually, can assume the position of IR (Investor Relations) and be the “face” of the company before the capital market.

Watch Live Financial Mapping and understand better about this remuneration range

Desired skills: Influence, Assertiveness, Analytical Reasoning, Business Vision.

Head of Customer Experience


In a scenario where the digitization of business has been greatly accelerated, interaction with customers via numerous online platforms and applications has grown exponentially. In this way, new channels and means of contact with customers end up appearing and becoming the “new normal” in interactions between the customer and the company. Medium and large companies understood that they need to structure a Customer Experience (CX) strategy to reshape the way their customers interact with the business, generating greater retention, reducing Churn, reinforcing brand preference, among others.

What it does: It is responsible for ensuring that the company has a culture that always puts the customer at the center of the business throughout the purchase journey. It outlines strategies so that part of the mentality of each employee is focused on the customer, from the first contact to loyalty.

Annual remuneration range: R $ 366,600.00 to 641,550.00

Desired skills: Great communication, Ability to manage problems, Empathy.

Human Resources Director / Manager


The Human Resources area was a recurrent area in our studies throughout 2020 and maintains a prominent position among the positions with the greatest demand for executives. This executive position is being fundamental in the process of cultural transformation and partnering with C-Level in its most strategic movements. CEOs, presidents and main leaders of the companies, have been making movements of seniorization and qualification of the area culminating in strong investments in people and technology.

A future driven by People Analytics

What it does: It is responsible for the strategies and initiatives of all Human Resources subsystems. Leads the cultural transformation process, aiming at the long-term strategy of the organization, through change management projects.

Within its scope are the processes of: Recruitment and Selection, Talent Retention, Organizational Education, Succession Planning, Talent Management, Communication, Compensation, DP and other subsystems. Key role in leadership development and succession planning for managers. We see a growing wave of this professional leading the company’s People Analytics projects.

HR Manager – Annual remuneration range: R $ 244,950.00 to R $ 391,920.00

HR Director – Annual remuneration range: R $ 549,000.00 to R $ 824,850.00

Desired skills: Communication, Persuasion, Risk Taking, Influence and Business Knowledge.

Director of New Business


Many customers we serve used the year 2020 as a year to develop new business fronts and sales channels, especially those companies that were more conservative on digital fronts. Companies that were already structured for digital acquisitions and sales managed to take advantage of the opportunities that were generated in the particular context of 2020. The executive position of New Business was essential and companies that did not yet have dedicated professionals became interested in this profile.

What it does: It is responsible for the development of new lines and business channels.

It monitors the market and identifies opportunities with potential customers, possible partnerships with companies in related sectors and even gets involved in M&A projects.

Remuneration range: R $ 609,900.00 to R $ 1,016,500.00

Understand what are the methodologies used to calculate the value of a company (Valuation) and how to communicate this to investors

Desired skills: Excellent communication, Ability to Solve Complex Problems, Analytical Vision, Great Interpersonal Relationship.

Industrial and Operations Director / Manager


As a result of the resumption of the consumer market, factories and industrial operations ended up accelerating their productive volumes and investments after a strong period of contraction, which occurred especially between April and July. We noticed a great movement of rehiring and seniorizing the chairs of operations with the objective of increasing operational efficiency and industrial productivity.

What it does: It is responsible for monitoring the entire operational performance of a company. Plans business and strategic investment, organizes and improves business project. He follows the project from when the customer requests the service until the moment of providing feedback, analyzing the best way to complete the project and setting possible obstacles to guarantee the quality of the service and generate a better result.

Beyond Budget – The new budget management model

Industrial Managers – Annual remuneration range: R $ 316,600.00 to R $ 429,240.00

Operations / Industrial Directors – Annual Remuneration Range: R $ 554,560.00 to R $ 797,180.00

Desired skills: identify main problems, excellence in planning, implementation of solutions.


Artur de Castro holds a bachelor’s degree in Economic Sciences from PUC / RS and an MBA in the areas of Controllership, Audit and Commercial Management from FGV. He is currently a partner at Evermonte Executive Search and leads the Finance, Compliance & Banking areas.

Felipe Ribeiro holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from PUC / RS, an investor and partner at Evermonte Executive Search and leads the areas of Culture, Innovation and Technology.

Guilherme Abdala is a Business Administrator with an emphasis on Marketing, a specialist in Business Management from UFRGS. He is currently a partner at Evermonte Executive Search and leads the Sales and Marketing areas.

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