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Once you submit your CV on our website and / or apply for one of our opportunities, your information will become property of Evermonte. Once in our database, your personal information can be accessed by any consultant from any of Evermonte’s offices.

Candidates can modify or even remove all of their information contained in their CV from our website at any time. You can register through your email address on our website to access job information that is of interest to you.

We consolidate information and statistics about visitors to this and all Evermonte sites. Including data on frequency of access, most visited pages and services and areas most visited by our visitors.

This information is used to prepare reports that help us to identify the most sought-after content and thus keep our website the most attractive to our users. Individual information is not disclosed.

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Porto Alegre

Av. Praia de Belas 1212 – 1123
CEP 90110-000
51 3533-8460


Rua Bocaiuva, 2125 2º andar
CEP 88015-530
(48) 3029-3460

A Evermonte faz parte do grupo Evermonte Executive Search. Grupo de recrutamento e seleção executivo com reconhecida experiência no mercado nacional. A Evermonte está estruturada com as melhores práticas digitais para atender os mais complexos projetos no território brasileiro realizando o recrutamento e seleção de profissionais para alta gerência, C-Level e Top Management.

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São Paulo

Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 4.221 – 1º Andar
CEP 04538-133
+55 11 2657-7314

Porto Alegre

Av. Praia de Belas 1212 – 1123
CEP 90110-000
+55 51 3533-8460


Rua Bocaiuva, 2125 2nd floor
CEP 88015-530
+55 48 3029-3460

Evermonte is part of the Evermonte Executive Search group. Executive recruitment and selection group with recognized experience in the national market. Evermonte is structured with the best digital practices to meet the most complex projects in the Brazilian territory, carrying out the recruitment and selection of professionals for C-Level and Top Management.